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Thank You for visiting my site!

It's indeed a Different Vision of Sound! That thought comes to every music instrument builder’s mind once in a while. I would love to show you some of the instruments I made throughout the years, as well my perspective on instrument building. My Vision of Sound, which I believe is different and unique from others.


So what is it all about? It is simple. My instrument building is based on a type of semi hollow building technique. Namely, the base is not classically hollow, or drilled with any holes, but is completely carved with small pyramid blocks. That technique is called the Wreck Pyramid System, the WPS system. It is used in all kinds of testing rooms, studios or elsewhere. I, on the other hand, took the idea from the B&W loudspeaker company, model B&W DM302. They had a series of loudspeakers with randomly arrayed pyramids at the back of the speaker box as a kind of a solution to the problem of coloration resonances inside small cabinets. So I did the same with basses and guitars. I carved the entire body with pyramids. The sound that I was chasing was piano-like crystal clear, modern and detailed.


And of course there must always be the presence of the tone wood. Cherry and Ash are perfect for that purpose and I use them mostly for bass bodies. Cherry is light, focused, well detailed and can be covered with all kinds of top woods. On the other side, Ash is harder, more compressed and loves softer top wood. After almost 10 years of testing this technique on different types of body wood, top wood, pyramid depth position, their size, I've come to conclusion that one can play with it in order to create many different sounds. By positioning pyramids deeper, the sound is thicker, acoustic like, and if they were closer to top, the sound is thinner and clearer. The same system is applied with the thickness of the top. Flat, drop or arch top. It truly is an endless game. Follow my work on Instagram and Facebook where I post photographs of various production stages.


Welcome and enjoy!



Tel: +385 95 900 5918

Dubrava Zabocka 166, 49210 Zabok, Croatia

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